Winter Transit Tips

Here are some winter tips to help you prepare and access our public transit system.

  1. Take an earlier trip.
    Buses move only as quickly as traffic allows. If there is snow or ice, consider taking an earlier bus to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time.
  2. Play it safe.
    Buses may slide on snow as they approach the curb. Stay on the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  3. Be visible.
    Especially on dark winter mornings, it’s important that you make yourself visible to an approaching bus. Wear light-color clothing. Signal your presence with a small blinker light or flashlight.
  4. Step carefully.
    Bus steps become slippery from snow. Kick the snow from your shoes before stepping on the bus. Use the handrails and take your time.
  5. Dress warmly.
    Although the ride will be warm, your trip to and from the bus stop may not be. Put on an extra layer – even a short wait at your stop can be dangerous if you’re not dressed for the weather.
  6. Don’t blame the Bus Operator.
    If your bus is late, remember that your Bus Operator is doing his or her best to make sure you arrive at your destination safely despite bad road conditions.

We hope that these tips will make your trip with us go a little smoother during the winter months.

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