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T3 Launches ReadyPass and Google Transit

T3 Transit, in partnership with the City of Charlottetown, Town of Stratford and Town of Cornwall, has launched the ReadyPass App and published their routes on Google Transit. These initiatives are aimed to improve the rider experience and make it easier for passengers to use the bus service.

ReadyPass is a smart bus technology that allows users to track their bus’s location in real time so they know exactly where it is. Passengers are now able to download a free app onto their smart phone (iOS or Android) which will allow them track the location of their bus.

Having T3’s routes published on Google Transit’s trip planner will allow users to enter their origin and destination with the system then determining the quickest route option. This service is available on T3’s website: t3transit.ca or by going to google.ca/maps.

“We are very excited to be able to add these services to our system. We continuously strive to implement new offerings that make taking transit more appealing to more people. We will continue to work with our funding partners to build on and add new features to our system,” says Mike Cassidy, T3 Transit.

Earlier this year free Wifi was installed on all of the transit fleet in the three municipalities and T3 Transit’s website was relaunched making it easier for transit riders to find the information they need. T3 has spent the past few months working with volunteer users of these initiatives to test them out and receive their feedback. A video series has also been launched which will provide riders, and potential riders, with additional information on how to use the ReadyPass system. These are available at t3transit.ca and will be shared on T3’s social media ongoing.

“ReadyPass and Google Transit improve the accessibility of the public transit system, allows for better tracking and will help T3 Transit find efficiencies,” said Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee. “We’re pleased that this smart technology is now available to everyone and that the rider experience will be greatly improved with this latest joint initiative.”

T3 Transit began investigating the feasibility of GPS tracking and user-app systems in 2014. An RFP was issued and reviewed by the Capital Area Transit Coordinating Committee, consisting of the CAO’s of Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall. ReadyPass had the lowest bid at $46,851 and came with positive reviews from other cities where it has been implemented. It is expected the system will help T3 Transit find efficiencies and allow riders to plan their routes and schedules with ease, eliminating some of the barriers that can be associated with bus travel.

“With the addition of ReadyPass, we hope that our residents will give transit a try. We have often heard from residents that they struggled to find where and when to meet their bus in Stratford and how to get to their final destination so all indications are that ReadyPass and Google Transit will make this much easier”, commented Stratford Mayor David Dunphy.

Funding was provided for these initiatives as part of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.

“Adding ReadyPass to the services already available really brings T3 Transit into the 21st century,” said Cornwall Councillor Peter Meggs. “This user-friendly app will be a great boon to public transit riders, and in combination with free wifi, will provide a more pleasant public transportation experience for residents in the Cornwall-Charlottetown-Stratford Region.”
For more information on T3 Transit, including schedules and fares, visit: https://t3transit.ca/
For more information on ReadyPass, visit: www.readypass.ca.

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