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Summer Transit Tips

Everyone knows how hard it can be to stay cool during the hottest days in our PEI Summers. The temperature climbs along with the humidity, which can make waiting at a bus stop not very enjoyable.

We want to make sure you stay cool and healthy this summer, so here are some tips to beat the summer heat while riding transit:

Keep Hydrated: Standing outside for long periods of time can lead to dehydration. Always carry a water bottle with you for instant and immediate hydration. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water – that’s your body saying you’re already dehydrated. Avoid caffeine and other dehydrating substances. You can still have your morning coffee, but make sure to drink plenty of water to offset the dehydrating effects of the caffeine.

Wear Light Clothing: We all want to be stylish and trendy, but dripping with sweat isn’t a good look on anyone. When picking out your outfit for the day, try and choose materials that are lightweight and breathable (i.e. cotton, rayon, linen, etc.) and lean toward light or neutral colors.

Stay in the Shade: Find a large tree or the shadow of a nearby building for shade. Carry an umbrella or make a statement with a stylish parasol. You can also wear sunhats, baseball caps or visors to keep the sun’s rays off of your face. Either way, staying out of direct sunlight is a guaranteed way to protect yourself from the heat.

Plan to Fan: If there is no trace of wind outside, you may need to create your own cooling breeze with a handheld fan! There’s a variety of ways to do this: you can go old school with a bamboo folding fan; try something high-tech like a battery-operated personal fan.

Plan Ahead: T3 Transit has some new ways to plan your trip and help you avoid waiting in the heat longer than you have to.  Try using our Trip Planning Tool on our website to help you determine the best times and routes for your trip. Also, you can download our Readypass Charlottetown App (iOS and Android) on your phone to see where your bus is at, and judge when you need to be there. Remember – we still encourage you to be a few minutes early, but that is just so you have enough time to comfortably get to your stop. Running for a bus isn’t a great way to stay cool!

Summer is the best time in PEI, but it’s not enjoyable if you can’t stay cool! We hope that all our customers enjoy their summer in this beautiful province.

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