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City Congratulates T3 Transit On Increased Use

The City of Charlottetown extends congratulations to T3 Transit on a 14.3 per cent increase of ridership in June 2017 over 2016 in Charlottetown.

A total of 40,095 passengers used the transit service in Charlottetown in the month of June, compared to 35,075 in 2016, which is an increase of 5,020 passengers last month. With six months of 2017 completed, there is an overall increase in transit use in Charlottetown of 11 per cent over Jan-June of 2016.

T3 Transit started September 30, 2005, with a four bus route system. Currently, there are eleven buses at peak times providing service to the Town of Cornwall, Town of Stratford and City of Charlottetown. Passenger numbers have been strong all last year with another record broken for annual ridership in 2016.

Recently, additional buses were purchased and refurbished to accommodate our transit needs. Upgrades to the buses have included security cameras for improved safety, and bike racks for cyclists. Further upgrades planned for 2017 will include free Wi-Fi for passenger use and the launch of ReadyPass for improved usability and trip planning. The buses are wheelchair accessible and have both kneeling and ramp extension capability to ensure accessibility for all users. The buses are also equipped with destination signs, which allow route descriptions to be displayed on exterior screens.

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