Beat the Traffic With T3

Arrive downtown for 7:15 AM; Leave downtown at 3:15 PM

T3 Transit has a solution for those customers affected by the Capital Drive intersection closure September 18th – October 2nd, 2017… To avoid long periods of time sitting in traffic T3 will be offering an additional early morning run to have you downtown for 7:15 AM and an additional 3:15 PM departure time to get you back home… with the hope these new runs will beat the AM & PM heavy rush hour traffic periods.

Please see the new times at

T3 Transit will also have additional buses working during rush hour periods to help maintain the regular transit route schedules within the city in order to minimize the inconvenience of late bus arrivals and missed transfer connections resulting from the Capital Drive two week intersection closure and the assumed slow moving traffic in the West Royalty area.

“The next two weeks will be very frustrating for the travelling public” says Mike Cassidy, owner, T3 Transit.  Hopefully our plan to assist our customers will help to avoid some of the pent up frustration and allow our system to work as effectively as possible during the necessary infrastructure upgrades to our City’s storm sewer system.


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